Scripture Power

Words and music by Clive Romney

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    1. Because I want to be like the Savior, and I can,

    I’m reading His instructions, I’m following His plan.

    Because I want the power His word will give to me,

    I’m changing how I live, I’m changing what I’ll be.

    2. I’ll find the sword of truth in each scripture that I learn.

    I’ll take the shield of faith from these pages that I turn.

    I’ll wear each vital part of the armor of the Lord,

    And fight my daily battles, and win a great reward.


    Scripture power keeps me safe from sin.

    Scripture power is the power to win.

    Scripture power! Ev’ryday I need

    The power that I get each time I read.

    Copyright © 1987 by Clive Romney. All rights reserved. Making copies of this music for use within the Church is permitted. This notice must be included on each copy made.

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