For Little Friends

Told by Tricia Ann Williams

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    Story of Faith: The Brother of Jared

    Jared and his brother lived in Babel. Because most of the people there were wicked, the Lord punished them by making them unable to understand each other when they talked. But Jared and his brother and their families and friends were not wicked. They loved the Lord and obeyed Him. The Lord told the brother of Jared that He would lead them to a promised land.

    They built eight boats for their trip. It was very dark inside the boats, so the brother of Jared took sixteen white stones to the top of a mountain and asked the Lord to touch them with His finger to make them shine. Because the brother of Jared had such great faith, when the Lord touched the stones, the brother of Jared saw Him.

    The brother of Jared put two shining stones into each boat. They had light while they crossed the ocean to the promised land.

    Circle the correct answer to each question, then color all the pictures.

    The Brother of Jared

    1. How did Jared and his people go to the promised land?


    2. What did the Brother of Jared use for light?

    Brother of Jared sees Christ

    3. Because of his great faith, whom did the brother of Jared see? Illustrated by Robyn S. Officer

    Monster Tracks

    To make Monster Tracks, you will need: two large pieces of heavy cardboard, pencil, scissors, paper punch, your boots, and cord or heavy string.

    1. 1.

      Use pencil to draw outline of monster’s foot on each piece of cardboard. Cut out.

    2. 2.

      Place boots in middle of outlines, and punch two holes on each side of boot, one near toe and one near heel (see illustration).

    3. 3.

      When ready to go outside in snow, slip cord through holes and tie to boots (see illustration).

    Monster Milkshakes

    3 cups orange juice

    2/3 cup dry powdered milk

    2/3 cup orange sherbet

    1/4 cup blueberries

    1. 1.

      Put juice, dry milk, and sherbet in blender; mix well.

    2. 2.

      Pour into glasses, then stir some blueberries into each glass.

    3. 3.

      Optional: Use Styrofoam cups instead of glasses, and use colored pens to draw monster faces on cups before pouring milkshakes.

    Indoor Snowmen

    To make snowmen without going outside, all you need are: different-size white paper plates, cotton, stapler or glue, scraps of colored paper or fabric, scissors, buttons, crayons or colored pens, and your imagination!

    Snow Zoo

    A panda’s living in my yard.
    An elephant is too.
    A chimpanzee sits near my tree
    Beside a kangaroo.
    An alligator near my door
    Is showing off his teeth.
    A lion wears a fluffy mane
    That looks just like a wreath.
    Now, I’m the zoo caretaker who
    Knows how to make them grow
    By pressing them and shaping them
    From heavy chunks of snow.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Robyn S. Officer