I say “my friend”;

He says “mi amigo.”

I say “come with me,”

And he says “ven conmigo.”

We both like paletas

And Popsicles too!

Azul is his best color;

My favorite is blue.

I soon will turn eight;

He’ll have ocho años.

I wear shoe size five,

We’re the mismo tamaño.

We love playing baseball,

But he spells it beisbol.

We both have one sister,

Our hermanas are small.

We’re so much alike.

We have tons of fun.

In all ways we’re the same

Except maybe just one.

Vocabulary: mi amigo—my friend, ven conmigo—come with me, paletas—Popsicles, azul—blue, ocho años—eight years, mismo tamaño—same size, beisbol—baseball, hermanas—sisters

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney