Book of Mormon Story

By Peggy Barrus

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    Use the clues to complete the crossword puzzle. Then rearrange the letters in the colored squares to discover what Alma was.

    crossword puzzle


    1. King Lamoni would sometimes __________ prisoners. (See Alma 17:20.)

    2. The Lamanites scattered the king’s __________. (See Alma 17:27.)

    3. King Lamoni thought that __________ was the Great Spirit. (See Alma 18:2.)

    4. When King Lamoni told Ammon that he would grant him whatsoever he desired, Ammon asked that King Lamoni __________ whatever Ammon told him. (See Alma 18:21–23.)

    5. King Lamoni was “converted unto the __________.” (See Alma 19:31.)


    1. The land where Ammon went to preach the gospel (See Alma 17:19.)

    2. Ammon cast stones at the Lamanites with a __________. (See Alma 17:36.)

    3. He smote off their __________ with his sword. (See Alma 17:37.)

    4. Ammon was faithful to obey the king’s command, and he __________ the horses. (See Alma 18:9.)

    5. The king’s servants were afraid and __________. (See Alma 17:29.)


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    • Across—(2) slay, (4) flocks, (5) Ammon, (7) believe, (8) Lord. Down—(1) Ishmael, (2) sling, (3) arms, (4) fed, (6) wept. A great missionary.