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June 1988

Trusting Our FatherMarvin J. Ashton 
My Dad’s ShoesNorma King 


Puzzle of the Month
Susan Meeks 


Hole Punch Picture Card
Dee Francis 


Book of Mormon Story
Peggy Barrus 


Coded Message from the Book of Alma
Nina Lewis 
Friend to FriendCorliss Clayton 
Alphabet Macaroni WoggleDon Gubler 
They Spoke to Us 
The Deseret ClarinetBarbara Yates 

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Dinner for Dad

Making Friends:

Dalynne Grover of Laie, Hawaii
Lawrence Cummins and Barbara Grover 

For Little Friends

Shelly’s Shells
James Rhodes 

For Little Friends

Father’s Day Tie Clasp

For Little Friends

Father’s Day Strawberry Treats

For Little Friends

Snoo’s Zoo
Susan Katz 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Hold to the Rod
Pat Graham and Laurie K. Hutchinson 
A Special Way to ServeAnn W. Moore 
My Daddy Is a Real CowboyTricia Gardella 
Hiking the Wadi KeltJonette Udarbe and David Hone 


The Marathon
Juliana Lewis 
TreasuresPeggy Barrus 
Losers WinMarian Costello 
I’ll Walk with YouCarol Lynn Pearson and Reid Nibley 
Scriptural Giants: Benjamin the Prophet KingLawrence Cummins