Being Kind to Others

By Dr. K. Richard Young

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    Loving and Helping Children Who Misbehave

    1. Heavenly Father loves all His children, and He wants us to love one another and help each other do what is right.

    2. Most children are well behaved, but some children either learn how to misbehave or have a hard time controlling how they act. Such children are not bad, but their behavior is bad. Heavenly Father still loves them, and so must we.

    3. We can help other boys and girls act the right way by being their friends and by being kind and respectful to them. They will feel our love as we share our things and our time with them.

    4. Being a good example is one of the best ways for us to show others how to behave. We should be quiet and still when others are talking and wait for our turn when we want to talk.

    5. If someone causes a problem, acts funny, or gets into trouble, we shouldn’t laugh at them or make fun of them. We should pay attention to our teacher and not to the person who is disturbing the class.

    6. Complimenting someone when we see that person do the right thing helps us to become better friends with them. And when we encourage someone who is trying to improve, it helps that person try even harder to do the right thing and become more like what Heavenly Father wants him to be.

    Illustrated by Bradley Teare