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October 1988

Pulling in the Gospel Net By Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin
Eye to Eye By Michael A. Morrell
Conversion in Honduras A true story by Fred W. Hopkin
Friend to Friend From a personal interview by Corliss Clayton with Elder Alexander B. Morrison of the First Quorum of the Seventy, currently serving as second counselor in the United Kingdom/Ireland/Africa area presidency
Samantha’s Witch Cookies By Verna S. Davis
Charles Smith—Watchmaker By Janet Peterson
Funstuf By Becky Morgan and Sally Hanna

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Ten-Day Friendship Cake
By Diane M. GetsonWhat kind of cake takes ten days to make? A very unusual one, no doubt! It requires neither refrigeration nor the use of a mixer. What’s more, you can share it with your friends before it’s even made! With the right ingredients plus a dash of patience, you’re on your way to making a unique and delicious dessert.
For Little Friends By Yvonne Slater
Sister Anderson’s Brownies By Paula Hunt
The Swamp By Bette Killion

Making Friends:

Sonia Griffa of Torino, Italy
By Jeri Jeppson
The Leaf Queen By Maureen Young Gale
Friends for the Asking By Lorle K. Harris
Jake O’Lantern By Linell Wohlers


Being Kind to Others
By Dr. K. Richard Young
Danny’s Bridge By Ray Goldrup

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Fun with Favorites
By Pat Graham
Scriptural Giants: Mormon and the Book of Mormon By Corliss Clayton