What makes the scriptures wonderful
for a child as young as me?
I cannot read the many words
That dance from A to Z.
Sometimes I open up the books
To see what’s to be found,
And my big sister laughs at me—
I have it upside down!
But Mommy reads the story of
The lions in their den
That wouldn’t eat old Daniel up
’Cause he was Jesus’ friend.
And Jody shows me how to push
The buttons for the tape
As we look at the pictures of
How Moroni ripped his cape.
Then Jamee plays the tune for me
So I can sing a song
Like “Book of Mormon Stories,”
’Bout when Alma turned from wrong.
Then Dad, during home evening,
Takes me upon his knee
And reads out of the scriptures that
Christ said, “Come, Follow Me!” *

[illustration] Illustrated by Dick Brown