Sharing Time:

“I Am a Child of God”

By Laurel Rohlfing

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    The inhabitants [of the world] are begotten sons and daughters unto God (D&C 76:24).

    Who are you? Does that sound like an easy question? Do you think that you know the answer? Certainly you know your name. You know who your parents are and that they love and care about you. You are also someone very special to Heavenly Father, the Father of your spirit. He loves you too.

    To find out why and who you really are, solve the puzzle by reading the clues; then follow directions by coloring proper spaces on the puzzle.

    Coloring puzzle

    Illustrated by Dick Brown

    1. I lived in heaven with Heavenly Father before I was born (see D&C 93:29). Color 1s red.

    2. Heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus to earth to help me return to Him (see D&C 49:5). Color 2s blue.

    3. Heavenly Father has given me an earthly family to help me and to guide me (see D&C 68:25–28). Color 3s green.

    4. Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, created a beautiful world for me (see D&C 14:9). Color 4s yellow.

    5. Heavenly Father has given me certain talents (see D&C 46:11). Color 5s pink.

    6. Heavenly Father has given me Church leaders and teachers (see D&C 124:143). Color 6s purple.

    7. Heavenly Father has given me the scriptures so that I can learn about Him (see D&C 33:16). Color 7s orange.

    8. Heavenly Father answers my prayers (see D&C 112:10). Color 8s turquoise blue.

    9. I can return to live with Heavenly Father some day (see D&C 78:7). Color 9s gold.

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Discuss ways Heavenly Father shows His love for us. Attach clues to backs of large, individual block letters that spell “I Am a Child of God.” Hide letters around room. As children find and read clues, they could place letters on chalkboard ledge or wall. If letters are mixed up, they could unscramble them to find phrase.

    2. For younger children, show pictures of ways Heavenly Father shows His love for us. Have children sit in circle and pass ball to each other while music is playing. When music stops, child holding ball tells one way that Heavenly Father shows His love for His children.

    3. Read clues listed in activity one at a time. Give children accompanying scripture, and have them look up scripture and read it aloud.

    4. Make chart: On one half, write “Heavenly Father”; on other half, write “Earthly Parents.” Have children list ways that they are like their earthly parents and ways that they are like their Heavenly Father.

    5. Sing “Because I Have Been Given Much” (Hymns, no. 219) and “I Am a Child of God” (Sing with Me, B-76 or Hymns, no. 301).