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February 1989

Paying the Price By Elder Dean L. Larsen
Homegrown Vegetables By Janet L. Brodie
Beginnings By Mabel Jones Gabbott

Friend to Friend:

Friend to Friend: Sticking by My Principles
From an interview with Elder J. Thomas Fyans, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, currently serving as Area President of the Utah North Area and as a managing director in the Family History Department of the Church
Snowflakes of Love By Linda Muhlestein

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Choices and Gospel Guideposts
By Laurel Rohlfing
Looking for Dorcas By Betty Lou Mell

Making Friends:

Jonathan and Anthony Porras of Salina, Utah
By J. I. H. Porras
Hardworking Brigham By Kellene Ricks
Kitchen Krafts
Funstuf By Julie Wardell
Sarah’s Challenge By Laurie H. Fifield
For Little Friends By Sandra Liatsos
Brother to Brother (Part Two) By Greg Larson
Winter Shoes By Heidi Terry
Let’s Talk about Babies By Beth Noyce
My Friend Richie By Sandy Tanner and Brittany Scott


Pioneer Games
By Susan Davis
Zina Diantha Huntington Young—Angel of Mercy By Janet Peterson