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July 1989

Our Bishops in the Church By President Gordon B. Hinckley
It All Started with Monica By Robin Phelps
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Albert Choules, Jr., a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, currently serving as first counselor in the presidency of the Utah Central Area and as an assistant executive director of the Curriculum Department; by Janet Peterson

Making Friends:

John Cutler of Kirtland, Ohio
Skipper’s Warning By Jane King
Funstuf By Mellonie Grohman
The Brass Plates

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Australian Damper
By Paulette M. BochnigDamper, a coarse Australian bread, was first cooked by Aussie settlers in their campfire ovens. The early settlers, who often had to be away from their homesteads for long periods of time, traveled through the Australian bush on horseback, carrying all their supplies in saddlebags. Damper was made from only flour, water, and onions because these things wouldn’t spoil during the long trips. In today’s modern kitchen, damper is made with milk instead of water. And just about anything can be added for a different taste, sweet or savory.
Friendly Dragon By Frances Gorman Risser
Ellsworth Handcart Company By Corliss Clayton
Time for Little Answers By April Gohier
Heber J. Grant By Kellene Ricks
For Little Friends By Elisabeth Weaver Winstead
Brother to Brother (Part Seven) By Greg Larson
For Boys Only By Alma J. Yates

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: A Day with the Bishop
By Laurel Rohlfing
Ice-Cream Pirate By Susie Lamb


Children in Early Kirtland