For Little Friends

By June Swanson

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    County Fair

    And thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which the Lord thy God hath given unto thee (Deut. 26:11).
    I love to go to the county fair.
    There are so many things to see,
    Like woolly lambs all brushed with care
    And fat brown cows that wink at me;
    Like roosters strutting in a barn,
    Homemade quilts and hatching chicks,
    Machines that spill hot, popping corn,
    Bananas frozen on wooden sticks.
    But best of all is the Ferris wheel,
    Which circles up so high.
    And when I’m at the top, I feel
    That I can touch the sky!

    [illustration] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney

    Fresh Limeade

    small can (6 ounces/170 g) frozen lemonade, thawed

    1/4 cup sugar

    juice of 2 fresh limes

    1-liter bottle of ginger ale

    1. 1.

      Mix everything together with three lemonade cans of water. Pour over ice, and stick in straw.

    2. 2.

      To decorate straw, mount illustration on heavy paper, cut out (including slits), and slip straw through slits.

    Peewee’s Cookie Catch

    Amanda had a dog named Peewee. She liked to throw things to Peewee. And Peewee liked to catch things. One day Amanda threw her blue ball to Peewee. He caught it and brought it back to her. Next, she threw a brown stick, and he caught it and brought it back to her. Then she threw his rubber bone that squeaked. Peewee caught it and squeaked it when he brought it back to her.

    Amanda had two fancy cookies. She ate one and threw the other one to Peewee. He caught it, but he didn’t bring it back to her!

    [illustration] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney