Traveling in the Wilderness

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    They get Ishmael’s family

    The Lord wanted Lehi’s sons to have wives who would teach their children the gospel. He told Lehi to send his sons back to Jerusalem to get Ishmael’s family. 1 Ne. 7:1–2

    Ishmael and family join Lehi

    Lehi’s sons returned to Jerusalem. They told Ishmael what the Lord wanted him to do, and Ishmael believed them. Ishmael and his family went with Lehi’s sons. 1 Ne. 7:3–5

    They travel in the wilderness

    While they traveled in the wilderness, Laman and Lemuel and some of Ishmael’s family became angry. They wanted to go back to Jerusalem. 1 Ne. 7:6–7

    Nephi says Jerusalem will be destroyed

    Nephi told them to have faith in the Lord and they would be led to a land of promise. He said that Jerusalem was going to be destroyed. They did not go back. 1 Ne. 7:8–13, 16–21

    Lehi’s sons marry Ishmael’s daughters

    Later, Nephi, his brothers, and Zoram married Ishmael’s daughters. 1 Ne. 16:7

    They continue their journey

    The Lord told Lehi to continue his journey. In the morning Lehi found a brass ball outside his tent. It was called the Liahona, and it pointed the way. 1 Ne. 16:9–10

    They follow the Liahona

    They gathered food and seeds and packed their tents. They traveled through the wilderness for many days, following the directions of the Liahona. 1 Ne. 16:11–12

    They hunt for food

    Nephi and his brothers hunted for food as they traveled. 1 Ne. 16:14–15

    Nephi’s bow breaks

    Nephi’s steel bow broke, and his brother’s bows lost their strength. They were not able to kill any animals. Laman and Lemuel were angry with Nephi. Everyone was hungry. 1 Ne. 16:18–21

    Nephi makes another bow

    Nephi made a wooden bow and asked his father where to hunt. Lehi prayed and received directions in the Liahona. 1 Ne. 16:23–24, 26–27

    The Liahona works when people are faithful

    The Liahona worked only when they were faithful. It showed Nephi where to hunt. Nephi went to the top of a mountain and killed animals for food. 1 Ne. 16:28–31

    The people thank God

    Everyone was happy to get food. They were sorry that they had been angry, and they thanked God for blessing them. 1 Ne. 16:32

    Travel was difficult

    Travel was not easy. Often they were tired. Sometimes they were hungry and thirsty. When Ishmael died, his daughters were sad. They complained against Lehi. 1 Ne. 16:33–35

    Laman and Lemuel complained

    Laman and Lemuel also complained. They did not believe that the Lord spoke to their father. They wanted to kill Lehi and Nephi and return to Jerusalem. 1 Ne. 16:36–38

    Laman and Lemuel repent

    Laman and Lemuel heard the voice of the Lord. He told them not to be angry with Lehi and Nephi. After hearing the voice of the Lord, Laman and Lemuel repented. 1 Ne. 16:39

    They continued their difficult journey

    They continued their difficult journey. God helped them and made them strong. Children were born. Lehi and Sariah had two more sons, named Jacob and Joseph. 1 Ne. 17:1, 3; 1 Ne. 18:7

    They arrived at the seashore

    After traveling eight years in the wilderness, they arrived at the seashore. They found fruit and honey there. They called the place Bountiful. 1 Ne. 17:4–6

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson