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November 1989

Blessed from on High Howard W. Hunter
Thanksgiving Cow Gary McCallister
Friend to Friend L. Tom Perry
Patty’s Purple Pocket Pants Diana Logue
Books! Books! Books!
Right at Home S. H. Dewhurst
Cookie Sunday Sheila Kindred
Kitchen Krafts Julie Wardell
Tutoring Can Be Fun Joel Allred, Sebastian Striefel, and Micah Bybee
A Grand New Truth (Part 1) Paula Hunt
Sydell’s Blessing LeOra Williams Zabriskie
Family Prayer Janice Leavitt Voorhies
Funstuf By Janet Kruckenberg
The Magic Mouse Tom Hanratty
Crossing the Sea
For Little Friends By Aubrey Dunn

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Sharing Time: I Have Many Blessings
Laurel Rohlfing


Lawrence Cummins
Jeff and the Sousaphone Elizabeth Shafer
Harold B. Lee Kellene Ricks