The Prince of Peace

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    If I’d have been a shepherd boy
    And heard the angels sing,
    Then I’d have known the message
    Of glad tidings that they’d bring.
    Or if I’d been a Nephite
    In another land afar
    I’d still have known of Jesus’ birth,
    ’Cause I’d have seen the star.
    I think of how the wise men
    Must have pondered on their way
    About the Babe they hoped to see
    In Bethlehem one day.
    Or if I’d been the innkeeper,
    How glad I’d have felt inside
    To know I’d shared my stable
    That holy Christmastide.
    I’m grateful for the scriptures,
    Where I can read about
    How the angels sang for shepherds—
    Hosannas they did shout.
    And very often when I’ve read
    The scriptures, I have smiled
    To realize the Prince of Peace
    Was once a little child.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney