A New Home in the Promised Land

Lehi arrives in the promised land

The ship carrying Lehi’s family crossed the ocean and arrived in the promised land. The people set up their tents. 1 Ne. 18:23

They grow food

They prepared the soil and planted the seeds that they had brought so that they could grow food. 1 Ne. 18:24

They find many animals

As they traveled around in their new land, they found many kinds of animals. They also found gold, silver, and copper. 1 Ne. 18:25

Nephi writes on metal plates

God told Nephi to make metal plates to write on. Nephi wrote about his family and their travels. He also wrote the words of God. 1 Ne. 19:1–3

Lehi grows old

Lehi grew old. Before he died, Lehi talked to his sons and told them to obey God’s commandments. Lehi also blessed his grandchildren. 2 Ne. 1:1–2, 9; 2 Ne. 2:1–2; 2 Ne. 3:25; 2 Ne. 4:3–5, 12

Lehi dies

After Lehi had died, Laman and Lemuel became angry with Nephi and wanted to kill him. They did not want their younger brother Nephi to be a leader over them. 2 Ne. 4:13–14; 2 Ne. 5:1–3

Nephi leads righteous into new land

The Lord warned Nephi to lead the righteous people away. Nephi and his followers traveled many days into the wilderness. They named their new land Nephi. 2 Ne. 5:5–8

They obey God and work hard

The people who followed Nephi obeyed God and worked hard. Nephi taught them to build with wood and metals, and they built a beautiful temple. 2 Ne. 5:9–11, 15–17


The followers of Laman and Lemuel were called Lamanites. They became a dark-skinned people. God cursed them because of their wickedness. 2 Ne. 5:14, 21

Lamanites were wicked

The Lamanites became lazy and would not work. They were a wicked people. 2 Ne. 5:24


The people who followed Nephi called themselves Nephites. The Lamanites hated the Nephites and wanted to destroy them. Jacob 1:14

[illustrations] Illustrated by Jerry Thompson