Things Grow Legs in Our House

By Gayle Boudwin

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    Things grow legs in our house.

    Why, just the other day

    My mom was telling Dad his book

    Just must have walked away!

    And my big sister, Jenny,

    Had a comb and two barrettes;

    She’s looked for them most everywhere

    But hasn’t found them yet.

    And Chip has lost his favorite bone.

    He left it on the floor.

    No one has asked me, but I’ll bet

    It walked right out the door.

    Dad says that pens and pencils are

    The things that grow legs first.

    Then after that it’s stockings and

    The keys in my mom’s purse.

    My brother, Ben, has lost his cap

    And both his football shoes.

    With all the things we lose ’round here,

    I sure wish that I knew

    Just how those things can grow those legs

    And how they disappear.

    Until I do, we’ll probably

    Keep losing things, I fear.

    So if you come to my house,

    Be careful what you do,

    Or the bed that’s in our guest room might

    Just walk right off with you!

    Illustrated by Doug Roy