If I Lived in a Lighthouse

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    If I lived in a lighthouse
    On an island off the coast,
    There’d be lots of things to do
    To keep me at my post.
    I’d climb my winding staircase
    To watch for sailing clippers
    And sound a foghorn greeting
    To suntanned, seaborne skippers.
    I’d polish all the lantern brass
    On all my guiding lights,
    Keeping things in good repair
    For stormy, windblown nights.
    I’d look through my binoculars
    For passing, spouting whales
    And mend my many fishing nets
    And patch my puffy sails.
    Then, when all my work was through,
    I’d roam the sandy dunes,
    Collecting shells that washed ashore
    And whistling sailors’ tunes.

    [illustration] Illustrated by Doug Roy