Herbert Barney and the Priesthood

By Shannon Ostler

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    A true storyIn my name they shall heal the sick (D&C 84:64).

    1 One spring evening in 1901, as eleven-year-old Herbert Barney was walking toward the corral, a spirited horse jumped the fence and landed on him, breaking many of his bones and causing a great deal of bleeding.

    2 At that time, there were no doctors close enough to care for Herbert.

    3 Because Herbert’s father, Arthur Barney, was president of the small Montana branch, General Authorities frequently came to visit at the Barney home. Two happened to arrive just after the accident.

    4 The two General Authorities laid their hands on the unconscious boy’s head and gave him a priesthood blessing.

    5 Then the boy was laid on a quilt and gently carried inside the house. When Herbert came to, he seemed to be better.

    6 The next day was Sunday and Herbert’s twelfth birthday. He had been looking forward to being ordained a deacon, but his parents were worried about moving him. Herbert was so insistent that they carefully padded a rocking chair with quilts, propped him up in it, and carried him across the road to the small log house that served as their meetinghouse.

    7 Herbert was blessed again that he would recover from the accident, and then he was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood.

    8 That afternoon he was well enough to play outside, and he had no further problems from his severe accident.

    Illustrated by Lori Anderson