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April 1990

A Sacred Responsibility By President Gordon B. Hinckley,
He Loves Me By Edwin Greenlaw Sapp
Funstuf By Alan W. Farrant
Friend to Friend From an interview with Howard W. Hunter, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; by Kellene Ricks
Brother Piper’s Pie By Alma J. Yates

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: The Priesthood Is Restored
By Laurel Rohlfing
Andy and the Umbrella By Joyce Pease
Kitchen Krafts By Corliss Clayton
The Jaredites Leave Babel
The Egg Brigade By Corliss Clayton
Faith Words and music by Susan L. Purves
Tragedy at Midnight By Betty Lou Mell
For Little Friends By Lois Rickels Harbert
The Bird By Fonda Crews Bell
Herbert Barney and the Priesthood By Shannon Ostler
April Fool! By Grace Dunstedter

Making Friends:

Carie Nielson and Kandace Eral of La Verkin, Utah
By Marsha B. Nielson


My Friends the Hmong
By Jennifer Brass Jenkins with Sandy Brass Jenkins
Peewee, Laser-Beam, and the Blueberries By Hobe Von Feldt
Jesus By Kathy Hickenbotham