The Lord Leads the Jaredites to a Promised Land

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    Brother of Jared forgot to pray

    While the Jaredites camped by the sea, the brother of Jared forgot to pray. The Lord came in a cloud to tell him to repent. Ether 2:14

    He repented and prayed

    The brother of Jared repented and prayed. The Lord said, “I will forgive thee … but thou shalt not sin any more.” Ether 2:15

    They built barges

    The Lord told the brother of Jared to build barges to take his people to the promised land. Ether 2:16

    Lord told them how to build the barges

    The Lord told the brother of Jared how to build the barges. Ether 2:16–17

    barges could float

    The barges were made so that they could float on the water. The barges were airtight so that no water could get inside. Ether 2:17

    Brother of Jared

    The brother of Jared wondered how the people would have air to breathe in the barges. He asked the Lord what to do. Ether 2:18–19

    Lord told him what to do

    The Lord told him to make a hole in the top and bottom of each barge. The hole could be opened to let in air and closed if water began to come in. Ether 2:20

    Inside of barges was dark

    The brother of Jared told the Lord that the barges were dark inside. The Lord asked him to think of a way to have light in the barges. Ether 2:22

    Windows in barges would break

    The Lord said that the barges could not have windows because they would break. He said that they could not take fire with them. Ether 2:23

    16 small stones

    The brother of Jared went to a mountain and smelted from a rock sixteen small stones that looked like clear glass. He made two stones for each of the eight barges. Ether 3:1

    brother of Jared prayed

    The brother of Jared carried the sixteen stones to the top of the mountain. Then he prayed to the Lord. Ether 3:1

    for Lord to touch stones

    The brother of Jared asked the Lord to touch the stones so that they would give light inside the barges. Ether 3:4

    Lord touched each stone

    The Lord reached out and touched each stone with his finger. Ether 3:6

    brother of Jared saw finger of the Lord

    Because the brother of Jared had great faith, he saw the finger of the Lord. It looked like the finger of a man. Ether 3:6

    Lord and brother of Jared

    Then the Lord showed himself to the brother of Jared. Ether 3:9–13

    Jesus Christ

    He said, “Behold, I am Jesus Christ.” Jesus then said that all who believe in him would have eternal life. Ether 3:14

    brother of Jared wrote

    Jesus taught the brother of Jared many things. Jesus told him to write what he had seen and heard. Ether 3:25–27

    stones gave light

    The brother of Jared carried the stones down the mountain. He put one stone in each end of each barge. They gave light inside the barges. Ether 6:2–3

    wind blew the barges

    The Jaredites went into the barges with their animals and food. The Lord made a furious wind blow the barges toward the promised land. Ether 6:4–5

    barges in rough seas

    The Lord protected them in the rough sea. They thanked the Lord and sang praises to him day and night. Ether 6:6–10

    arrived at promised land

    After 344 days on the water, the barges landed on the shore of the promised land. Ether 6:11–12

    They thanked the Lord

    When the Jaredites came out of the barges, they knelt down before the Lord and cried tears of joy. Ether 6:12

    Jaredites built homes and planted crops

    The Jaredites made homes and planted crops in the promised land. They taught their children to listen to the Lord and obey his words. Ether 6:13, 16–18

    Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett