Making Friends:

Amanda and Diane Piasetzki of Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada

By Julie Wardell

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    How would you like to live on an island? Amanda, 9, and Diane, 7, (on the left) think it’s great fun. They live on Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada, with their parents and older brothers, Philip, 12, and Andrew, 11.

    When the Piasetzki family goes to church, they drive their car onto the ferry. After a twenty-minute ride across Lake Ontario to the mainland, they drive off the ferry and then to the Kingston Ward. In Primary, Amanda enjoys singing time, and Diane likes the talks.

    Amanda is well-known for her singing and has sung the national anthem, “O Canada,” at several hockey games. Diane takes piano lessons from her mom.

    Both girls’ favorite thing to do is to decorate pants with paint. Here, they model the front of their pants.

    The Piasetzki family has a cat, Tippy; a dog, Charlie; two pigs, Mollie and Harry; and lots of chickens. Both sisters have a great time riding the pigs.

    During the warm and windy summer months, the girls like to cool off in the family swimming pool.

    Bike riding is a popular activity on the island. Amanda and Diane like to ride their bikes to school, which is about a mile away. They both do well in math at school. While French is Amanda’s favorite subject, Diane prefers gym.

    Playing soccer is another summer activity that Amanda and Diane enjoy. Diane plays on the Pittsburg team and Amanda plays on the Panther team. In the winter the girls build snow forts and ice-skate on the pond across the street from their home. Amanda also plays ringette, a form of hockey.

    Gathering eggs can be a challenge. Diane and Amanda are always on the lookout for a rat that likes to steal the eggs.

    When the girls are on the roof of their playhouse, they are often on the lookout for wildlife, especially birds.

    Photos by Julie Wardell and Beverly Webecke Ahlstrom