Hide and Seek

By Solveig Paulson Russell

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    I’m glad right now that I’m not It,

    Because I can see

    A really good place to hide

    Near the hawthorn tree.

    And just as soon as It hides his eyes

    And begins to count, I’ll run

    And scrunch flat, and then, I bet,

    I won’t be seen by anyone.

    Ah, there—he’s counting—here I go.

    Whee! I made it! Now I’ll lie flat—

    But here comes Pussy after me!

    Get out of here, cat! Scat!

    Stop rubbing up against me! Beat it!

    Cat, go away, I say!

    Why must you come and tag along

    Every time I play?

    Now, see what you’ve gone and done!

    It has seen me, all because of you!

    And now I have to seek and find,

    And all my hiding’s through.

    Scat, cat! SCAT!

    Illustrated by Julie F. Young