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July 1990

He Will Point the WayJohn Sonnenberg 
Bless Brother Kimball!Paula Hunt 
Friend to FriendKellene Ricks and Robert E. Sackley 
Violin LessonCarol K. Laycock 


Who Am I?
D. A. Woodliff 


Double Letters
Jane K. Priewe 


Common Sayings


Power Break

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Ears to Hear
Laurel Rohlfing 
Study the ScripturesKristin H. Cornilles 

For Little Friends

Samantha and the Ten Thousand Ladybugs
Vicki H. Budge 

For Little Friends

Crawly Caterpillar Toy
Julie Wardell 

For Little Friends

Banana Bug
Julie Wardell 

For Little Friends

Susan Baumlin 
The ChampLinda Berry 
Hide and SeekSolveig Paulson Russell 

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Favorite Foods of the Prophets
Tryn Paxton 
Sandy and the Orphaned CalfBarbara Jean Hardbarger 
BitsFrances Gorman Risser 
The BarnShirley Lewis 
Calendar for YesterdaysDebbie Davidson 
Elisha and NaamanBeverly Webecke Ahlstrom 

Making Friends:

Amanda and Diane Piasetzki of Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada
Julie Wardell 
The JJ Willow-Tree StoreAlma J. Yates 


Lands of the Midnight Sun
Lawrence Cummins