Happy Birthday! President Benson

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    Here are gifts that some of you would give President Benson for his ninety-first birthday:

    Love, because it’s one of the most precious things on earth.
    Rebecca Bennett, age 10
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    A computer, because everybody should have one.
    Chase Moser, age 6
    Angeles, Philippines

    A day of fun at our beach. We could run around together and build a sand castle.
    Jessica Siebeneicher, age 4
    Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

    A puppy and a hug.
    Shalea Gonsalves, age 8
    Burlington, Vermont

    My Little Mermaid book.
    Daniel Fox, age 4
    Bountiful, Utah

    A quilt and flowers.
    Jessica Waters, age 8
    Birmingham, Alabama

    A promise that I will go on a mission.
    Tyler Porter, age 11
    Whitney, Idaho

    I’ll be extra good on his birthday.
    Mariah Ashley, age 5
    San Antonio, Texas

    All my love, and years full of happiness.
    Teagen Curtin, age 11
    Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

    A big hug and a big kiss. He’ll enjoy it, and so will I.
    Krista Davis, age 8
    Layton, Utah

    I’ll pray for him every day.
    Christianne Salisbury, age 10
    Tallahassee, Florida

    A bike so that he can race up hills like the missionaries.
    David Morton, age 3
    Auckland, New Zealand

    A brown bear and a lamb and a yellow bird in a box tied with a ribbon, and a Winnie the Pooh book.
    Autumn Doney, age 3
    Williston, Vermont

    A world that will listen.
    Sarah Ashley, age 7
    San Antonio, Texas

    A bookmark, so he can find his place in the Book of Mormon.
    Elizabeth Leavitt, age 6
    North Salt Lake, Utah

    The world.
    Jonah Simmons, age 10
    Birmingham, Alabama

    The golden plates.
    Rachael Bennett, age 9
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    My pet sheep to play with.
    Jarom Reid, age 11
    Auckland, New Zealand

    A lot of horsies.
    Melissa Surre, age 4
    San Antonio, Texas

    Good health.
    William Hull, age 10
    Whitney, Idaho

    A beautiful flower.
    Randi Woods, age 6
    Birmingham, Alabama

    A brand new suit.
    Skye Nicholls, age 10
    Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

    A New Zealand chocolate bar—they’re yummy.
    Cruchan McIver, age 7
    Auckland, New Zealand

    A poem that will always cheer him up in bad times.
    Michael Morin, age 9
    San Antonio, Texas

    A smile and a hug on a warm day.
    Bethany Rane, age 11
    South Burlington, Vermont

    A picture of my mum and dad.
    Emmanita Forua, age 5
    Orewa, New Zealand

    A surprise party in Whitney, Idaho, where he grew up.
    Arisha Moser, age 8
    Angeles, Philippines

    I’m going to share the gospel and give my friend a Book of Mormon.
    Tania Napia, age 10
    Auckland, New Zealand

    A promise to always live the teachings of the gospel.
    Alec Harvey, age 9
    Auckland, New Zealand

    I will read the Book of Mormon and the Bible.
    Carey Joyce, age 6
    Auckland, New Zealand

    My love and an invitation to my wedding in the Washington Temple someday.
    Andrea Lords, age 10
    St. Essex Junction, Vermont

    A kiwi, New Zealand’s native bird.
    David Wilson, age 11
    Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

    A calendar, so he can keep track of all his meetings.
    David Leavitt, age 8
    North Salt Lake, Utah

    I’m going to tell my friends about him and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    Renata Manson, age 8
    Auckland, New Zealand

    Photography by Craig Dimond; Styling by Mindi Bartlett and Pam Farr