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August 1990

Summer Lambs Jayne B. Malan
Betsy Nanette Larsen Dunford
Friend to Friend Janet Peterson and L. Lionel Kendrick
Corey’s Clubhouse Lori Ann Riddle
Sharing Time: Special Witnesses Laurel Rohlfing
Laura Jo and Bishop Cole Ray Goldrup
King Benjamin
Kitchen Krafts: Patio Picnic Corliss Clayton
Funstuf By Grace A. Mayr
Keeping Track of Time Tryn Paxton
Coal Pitts Alice Stratton
For Little Friends By Tricia Gardella
Elisha Otis—Man of Many Ups and Downs Jean Maxwell-Worthington
Happy Birthday! President Benson
Scott Tremelling of Marlborough, Massachusetts Iris Tremelling
Sleep Over Tryn Paxton
Peppermint Ice Cream Mary Ann Chadwick
August Sandra Liatsos
A Florida Grandpa Anne Yelvington Lynch
Isaiah and King Hezekiah Tryn Paxton