Zeniff left Zarahemla

Zeniff and a group of Nephites left their homes in the land of Zarahemla. They traveled to the land of Nephi, where their people had once lived. Omni 1:27; Mosiah 9:1, heading

They found Lamanites

They found Lamanites living there. Zeniff and four of his men went into the city to talk to King Laman. They asked the king if they could live in his land. Mosiah 9:4–5

King Laman gave Zeniff two cities

King Laman was clever. He said that they could have two of his cities. He wanted them to live in his land so that he could bring them into bondage. Mosiah 9: 6, 10, 12

Zeniff and his people built homes

Zeniff and his people built homes and put up walls around their cities. They planted seeds and grew grains and fruits. They also had flocks of animals. Mosiah 9:8–9

Lamanites wanted food of Zeniff

King Laman showed his people how the Nephites were growing in numbers and strength. Soon a huge number of Lamanites went to kill some of the Nephites and take animals and corn from their fields. Mosiah 9:11, 13–14

A fight between Zeniff and Lamanites

The Nephites ran into their city. Zeniff armed his people with bows, arrows, swords, clubs, and slings and went forth with them against the Lamanites. Mosiah 9:15–16

God blessed these Nephites

Before going to war, the Nephites prayed to God for help. The Lord gave the Nephites extra strength, and they slew many Lamanites and drove the rest away. Mosiah 9:17–18

Zeniff placed guards around the land

After the battle, Zeniff put guards around the land. He wanted to protect his people and their animals from the Lamanites. Mosiah 10:2

Nephites lived in peace

The Nephites lived in peace for many years. The men grew crops, and the women spun cloth and made clothing. Mosiah 10:4–5

Lamanites attack Nephites

After King Laman died, his son became king of the Lamanites. He sent his army to fight the Nephites again. Zeniff hid the Nephite women and children in the wilderness. Mosiah 10:6, 8–9

Again the Lord blessed the Nephites

Once again the Nephites received strength from the Lord. They fought the Lamanites and drove them from the land. Mosiah 10:10, 19–20

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson