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November 1990

Seek the Blessings of the Church By Elder James M. Paramore
Sarita By Anne Yelvington Lynch
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Ben B. Banks of the Seventy, currently serving as second counselor in the South Pacific Area Presidency; by Janet Peterson.
The Andersons’ Ark By Debbie Davidson
Funstuf By Marianne Frost Bates
My Thanks Today By Anna Johnson and Nora Hogan
The Pelicans By Nanette Larsen Dunford
Kitchen Krafts By Corliss Clayton

Making Friends:

Joshua Dennis—A Treasure of Faith
By Shannon W. Ostler
Exodus Game By Mariam Grisham
“If Birds Can Sing …” By Ray Goldrup
For Little Friends By Nancy Harding Groves
Books! Books! Books!
Sweet Rolls By Helen Pyke
Lonely Moon By Mabel Jones Gabbott
Teddy-Bear Day By Brian Soneda


Pictures in the Sky
By Doris A. Stone

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: The House of the Lord
By Laurel Rohlfing
Courageous Queen Esther By Tryn Paxton