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December 1990

The Nativity By Rebecca M. Taylor
“Follow Me”
“Room at the Inn” By Lynette K. Allen
They Spoke to Us
Christmas Workshop
The Girl Who Washed the Prophet’s Clothes As told by her Great-Great-Granddaughter, Nancy B. Fuller
The Baby Jesus Words and music by Jo Marie Borgeson Bray
For Little Friends By Beverly Webecke Ahlstrom
Brother Consky’s Moldy Walls By Jonette Wells
Christmas Reading/Activity Calendar
Funstuf By Carol Conner
Christmas Puppy By Jeremy Gohier and his mother, April Gohier
Upon the Midnight Clear By Robert L. McGrath

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Give Yourself Away
By Laurel Rohlfing
Sarah Moseley’s After-Christmas Gift By Ray Goldrup
Twelve Days of Sharing By Jeff Taylor