For Little Friends

By Tena L. Cornelius

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    Missy’s Change of Heart

    Your hearts are changed through faith (Mosiah 5:7).

    “I don’t want to go to church today,” said Missy as she stretched a blanket over her head.

    “Why not?” her mother asked. “I thought you liked Primary.”

    “Sister Hanes won’t be my teacher anymore. I don’t want to go into a new class and have a new teacher!”

    “Missy, I know you’ll miss Sister Hanes, but I’m sure you’ll like your new teacher too.”

    “I don’t think so,” answered Missy, peeking out.

    “Well, at least give her a chance. She might surprise you.”

    “We’ll see,” said Missy, dragging herself out of bed.

    During Sunday School opening exercises, Missy’s eyes searched the faces of the congregation as she wondered who her new teacher would be. Whoever it was wouldn’t be as great as Sister Hanes, Missy was sure.

    As singing period ended and everyone began leaving the chapel for their classes, Missy clutched her mother’s hand. “Will you take me to Primary?”

    “Of course, honey,” her mother said. They were the first to arrive except for the teachers and leaders. As Missy looked at the teachers, she saw a man she didn’t know. I wonder what he’s doing in the chair my new teacher will have, she thought. Before Missy could think about it anymore, her mother was introducing herself to this stranger. “Hello. I’m Sister Franks, and this is my daughter, Missy.”

    “Hello, Missy,” the man said cheerfully. “I’m Brother Tailor, your new Primary teacher. I’m going to need some help today because I’m new in your ward. Can you help me?”

    “What kind of help?” Missy asked, surprised.

    “Well, for one thing, could you introduce me to the other children in the class?”

    “Sure,” Missy said, forgetting to be shy.

    “I’d really appreciate it,” he said.

    Missy let go of her mother’s hand and stood next to her new teacher. As her classmates came in, she grinned at them and said, “Megan, Philip, Craig, and Sandy, this is Brother Tailor. He’s our new Primary teacher!”

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Robyn S. Officer

    Winter Play

    Two pairs of socks, then shoes, then boots—
    I’m zipped inside my blue snowsuit.
    A pair of mittens, scarf, and hat—
    I can’t run fast dressed up like that.
    The snow’s just right to build a man
    With carrot nose and sticks for hands.
    I dress him up in Daddy’s hat,
    Add a tie ’round his neck so fat.
    I dance around him, jump, and shout,
    And Mother laughs when she looks out.
    Then when a chilly north wind blows,
    Burns my cheeks and stings my nose,
    And snowflakes start to whirl and spin,
    I’m glad when Mother calls, “Come in.”

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Robyn S. Officer

    No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

    1 cup dry milk

    1 cup oatmeal

    1/2 cup peanut butter

    1/2 cup honey

    1. 1.

      Thoroughly mix everything together.

    2. 2.

      Shape the dough into little balls, then enjoy!

    Optional: Add raisins, crushed nuts, sunflower seeds, or coconut. Crushed graham cracker crumbs can be used instead of oatmeal.