I’m learning of the scriptures

With my family.

I’m coming to know Jesus

And the reasons He loves me.

Each night we read one story

From our scripture picture book.

Sometimes at naps Mom reads it,

And I always sit and look.

But best of all, at bedtime,

When my dad comes in to tell

Of fav’rite scripture stories,

Then I listen ‘specially well.

He tells me about Moses,

Of when Jesus stilled the sea,

When Joseph was in Egypt,

Of Christ’s Gethsemane.

I love to hear of Ammon,

Of Daniel in the den.

I like to know ’bout Nephi,

And why Jesus died for men.

I’m glad I’m taught these stories;

And when I learn to read,

I’ll know they point to Jesus,

And I’ll follow where they lead.

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch