“Peas” in My Pumpkin

By Lynette K. Allen

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    While learning my letters

    From A to Z,

    I saw a lot more

    Than I usually see!

    There are “peas” in my pumpkin,

    A “bee” in my boat—

    And how will I clean up

    A “sea” in my coat?

    There’s an “eye” in the igloo,

    Looking around,

    And a “jay” in the jam

    That has spilled on the ground.

    There’re two “tees” in my teeth,

    So it’s difficult chewing,

    And as for my quilt,

    What’s a “cue” in there doing?

    Now, if you’re a twin,

    This might really be new:

    Look hard at the word,

    And you’ll find “double you”!

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki