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October 1991

Follow the Prophet By Elder J. Ballard Washburn
In Good Company By Paula Ferrin Hunt
I Can Gain a Testimony by Listening to the Prophets
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Merlin R. Lybbert of the Seventy, currently serving as President in the Asia Area Presidency; by Vivian Paulsen
Jake’s Costume By Sharon Nauta Steele
Kitchen Krafts
Ask, and Ye Shall Receive Words and music by Grietje Terburg Rowley
I Know Noise By Christine Johnson McLeroy
“Peas” in My Pumpkin By Lynette K. Allen
For Little Friends By Delores DeVictoria
October in Brussels By Claudia G. Remington
Funstuf By Laura Shortridge
Pumpkin Story By Helena K. Stefanski

Making Friends:

Tyler Young of Corvallis, Oregon
By Jana Larsen
Foolish Squirrel By Angela Lane
Adrianne’s Great Task By Vicki H. Budge

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: I Can Gain a Testimony by Listening to the Prophets
By Daryl V. Hoole
Testimonies of the Latter-day Prophets


Now You See Them, Now You Don’t
By D. M. Souza
Pitcher of Lemonade By Susan Arrington Madsen
Memory Quilt By Anita Howard Wade