For Little Friends

By Beverly Glazier and Marilee Barton Clark

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    Showing Thanks

    [Give] thanks always for all things unto God (Eph. 5:20).

    You can show your thanks to Heavenly Father in many ways. In addition to the ways shown in the pictures below, think about other ways that you might show your thanks.

    [illustrations] I can pray. I can help others. I can be kind to animals. I can help take care of my world. (Illustrated by Pat Hoggan.)

    Peanut Butter Play Dough

    1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

    1/2 cup honey

    1 cup powdered milk

    1. 1.

      Wash your hands, then put all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix well.

    2. 2.

      Knead the dough with your hands until it is smooth and holds together in a ball. (If the dough is too sticky, add a little more powdered milk and knead again.)

    3. 3.

      Now the dough is ready to poke and squeeze and make into fun shapes and figures. Make a snake by rolling a clump of dough back and forth with the palms of your hands. You can turn snakes into letters of the alphabet, braids, arms, legs, necks, tails, or whatever you can imagine. The dough can also be rolled out and cut into shapes with cookie cutters.

    4. 4.

      When finished playing, form any leftover dough into small balls. They can be rolled in shredded coconut, crushed cornflakes, or chopped nuts. Place the balls on a cookie sheet and refrigerate until firm.

    A Truck for Tony

    Instructions: As you read a sentence with a blank space in it, point to the truck picture that you think best tells the story.

    mail truck

    cement truck

    dump truck

    pickup truck

    moving van

    fire truck

    Tony loved trucks. He would sit on his front porch step and watch them pass his house. He saw a big yellow _________ carrying somebody’s furniture. Then he saw a green _________ pass by with its mixer turning. Mr. Jones drove by in his orange _________ loaded with firewood. A red _________ raced by, screeching its siren. Soon a letter carrier came down the street and stopped his white _________ in front of Tony’s house. The letter carrier walked up to Tony, holding a big brown box.

    “Are you Tony Brown?” asked the letter carrier.

    “Yes,” said Tony.

    “Then this box is for you.”

    Tony took the box into the house and opened it. Inside was a big blue _________ that he could use to haul and dump sand in his sandbox. He also found a card that said:

    “Happy Birthday, Tony. Love, Grandma.”

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Pat Hoggan