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November 1991

Gratitude By Elder James E. Faust
Do I Believe? By Helen Hughes Vick
Testimonies of Others Can Strengthen Mine
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Ronald E. Poelman of the Seventy, currently serving in a Church headquarters assignment; by Kellene Ricks
Zack’s Thanksgiving Tradition By Denise Pomeraning
Kitchen Krafts By Nancy A. Burton
Rebecca Rosanne and the Strange Bus By Myrleen S. Hovenden
Books! Books! Books!
Family Meeting By Petra de Groot
I’m So Blessed By Mary H. S. Taylor

Making Friends:

Rebecka Marie Wilson of Sutton Coldfield, England
Written by Anne Bradshaw
The Sons of Mosiah Become Missionaries


Hearing the Beat of Life
By David Gunston
Harvest Blessings By Jennifer Edwards
First Prize By Clare Mishica
For Little Friends By Beverly Glazier and Marilee Barton Clark
The Funniest Thanksgiving Day Ever By Coleen C. Heaton
Funstuf By Susan Curtis
A Boy’s Testimony By Charlotte Grossnickle Domenico

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Testimonies of Others Can Strengthen Mine
By Daryl V. Hoole

Heroes and Heroines:

The Man Who Imagined the Future
By Nancy T. Galloway