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March 1992

Return with Honor By Bishop Robert D. Hales,
Prairie Line (Part 1) By Paula Hunt
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Robert K. Dellenbach of the Seventy, currently serving in the North American Northeast Area Presidency and the Young Men Presidency; by Wendy Seal Manzanares
A Stitch in Time By Teresa Bateman
Nephi Obtains the Plates
Thank You, Nephi Lyrics: Mabel Jones Gabbott
Hinamatsuri By Cathy Wallace
The Amlicites
Kitchen Krafts
Aunt Mabel’s Bad-Good Day By Janice B. Weishaar
For Little Friends By Kathy Stacy

Making Friends:

Amy and Andrew Graham of Staindrop, England
By Ann Graham
Nathan’s New Home By Anne Weatherill
Funstuf By Erma Reynolds
Flying a Kite By Sandra Liatsos
Mom in the Doghouse By Sharlee Glenn

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Nephi Builds a Ship
By Virginia Pearce
Warm Bath By Annette Fish


Happy Birthday, Relief Society!