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April 1992

Draw Strength from the Book of Mormon By Ruth B. Wright
Sharing the Book of Mormon By Jonette U. Wells
Jacob and Sherem
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder W. Mack Lawrence of the Seventy, currently serving in the North America Southwest Area Presidency and as the Assistant Executive Director in the Priesthood Department; by Wendy Seal Manzanares
Easter Story As told by Marita Schugk
Funstuf By Terri M. Petersen

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: I Feel Reverent When I Read the Scriptures
By Virginia Pearce
The Lost Ship! By Nanette Larsen Dunford

Making Friends:

David Brown of Denton, Texas
By Susan J. Denney
To Walk Where Jesus Did By Corliss Clayton
Paper Egg Cups
Prairie Line (Part 2) By Paula Hunt
For Little Friends By Marjorie Murch Stanley
Lambing Snows By Elizabeth Van Steenwyk
Warning in the Night By Susan Arrington Madsen
Molly McKinzie’s Remarkable Nose By Christine Branch
New Kind of Easter By Lynette K. Allen
Kitchen Krafts


Message on an Eggshell
By Peggy Rogers