Samuel the Lamanite

Number in proper order these events in the story of Samuel the Lamanite, an important Book of Mormon prophet. The first event is done for you.

    • A.

      Samuel went to Zarahemla to preach repentance; he preached for many, many days.

    • B.

      Samuel told the Nephites that if they didn’t repent, within four hundred years they would be destroyed by war (the sword), famine, and pestilence.

    • C.

      He prophesied of Christ’s death and of the destruction and other happenings in America following the Crucifixion.

    • D.

      The Lamanites were righteous, but the Nephites had grown wicked.

    • E.

      The Lord told Samuel to return to Zarahemla and prophesy what He would put into his heart.

    • F.

      The Nephites wouldn’t listen, and they threw Samuel out of Zarahemla.

    • G.

      Samuel prophesied of Christ’s birth five years from then.

    • H.

      Samuel fled and never returned to the Nephites.

    • I.

      The Nephites wouldn’t let Samuel into the city, so he spoke to them from the top of the city wall.

    • J.

      The people still wouldn’t believe Samuel. They tried to kill him with rocks and arrows.


1D, 2A, 3F, 4E, 5I, 6B, 7G, 8C, 9J, 10H (see Hel. 13:1–11; Hel. 14; Hel. 16:1–8).