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Sept. 1992

Selfless ServiceWilliam R. Bradford 
Follow the LeaderLinda Evans 
Friend to FriendJan Pinborough and Loren C. Dunn 
No School for TillyLisa Passey Boynton 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: My Home and Neighborhood
Virginia Pearce 


Book of Mormon Alphabet
Joanne Frost Christensen 


Song Riddles
Jennifer Edwards 


Traveler’s Crossword
Roberta L. Fairall 
Catsup SandwichesClare Mishica 

Making Friends:

Ginger Jacobson of Grand Junction, Colorado
Vivian Paulsen 
Matthew’s Family Home Evening LessonLaurie H. Fifield 
The Mouse and the HippoRobert N. Feinstein 
There Was a Small BoyRobert H. Redding 

For Little Friends

Just Mice!
Christine Branch 

For Little Friends

Jill Johnson Hymas 

For Little Friends

My Prayer
Jill Johnson Hymas 
Benjamin’s LostAnn Whitford Paul 
The Wrong HorseApril Gohier 
Daniel’s DilemmaLouise Price Davenport 
Fresh Coat of PaintDana Rothrock 
Samuel the Lamanite 
Kitchen KraftsJill Johnson Hymas 


Mirrors through the Ages
Shirley Lee