Missionary Month

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    Do you want “to be a missionary now” and when you’ve “grown a foot or two”? Here are a month’s worth of ideas that may help. Feel free to switch the dates of activities and to add or substitute ideas of your own. You may even decide to do some of these things every day of the month.

    1 Memorize a verse or more of scripture.

    2 Write a letter to a missionary.

    3 Listen to general conference. Pay special attention to counsel that could help you as a missionary.

    4 Listen to general conference again. With your parents’ permission, invite the full-time missionaries to dinner.

    5 Learn how to change the sheets on your bed, tie a necktie, sew on a button, pack a suitcase, or shine your shoes.

    6 Get up at 6:30 A.M. and read the scriptures.

    7 Earn some money for your missionary fund. (Don’t forget tithing.)

    8 Make a new friend.

    9 Learn how to say “Hello,” “Good-bye,” “How are you?” and the name of the Church in a foreign language.

    10 Help sort, wash, fold, and iron clothing.

    11 Take a friend to your Sunday meetings.

    12 Lead the music or bear your testimony in family home evening.

    13 Repeat the Articles of Faith, or name the books in the Book of Mormon or the Bible.

    14 Do an act of service.

    15 Write a letter to your parents.

    16 Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

    17 Help shop for food and cook a meal. Try to eat something healthful that you’re not sure that you’ll like.

    18 Pray for the missionaries and visit someone who is ill.

    19 In family home evening tell about Joseph Smith’s First Vision or teach some other missionary concept.

    20 Give a copy of the Book of Mormon to a nonmember friend.

    21 Try to set a good example all day; also, write in your journal.

    22 Try really hard to get along with your brother(s) and/or sister(s). Think of them as your missionary companions.

    23 Share the Friend with someone.

    24 Help clean the house.

    25 Try extra hard to be reverent in all your meetings.

    26 Say the opening or closing prayer in family home evening.

    27 Talk to someone who has been on a mission about his or her experiences.

    28 Knock on your own door and introduce yourself as a missionary.

    29 Don’t watch any television. Instead, take a long walk with an older family member.

    30 Do exercises to keep your body healthy.

    31 Dress as a missionary for your ward/branch Halloween party.


    [illustrations] Illustrated by Julie F. Young