For Little Friends

By Lori A. Hulet

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    I Love You, Andy

    If you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life (D&C 14:7).

    “I can go all by myself, Mom. I’m four years old now!” Andy exclaimed, his freckled face all lit up with pride.

    “Don’t you want me to come with you?”

    “No. I know the way. I go down the road, around the turn, past the barn, by the chicken coop, and through the garden. That’s how.” He grinned. “Can I go by myself?”

    “All right,” said Mother. “But be careful.”

    Andy walked down the road. He stopped to watch a duck with five babies waddle across it. He liked the way the babies followed their mother one by one.

    He walked around the turn. He saw a squirrel run up a tree and scamper into the old granary. The squirrel had a long bushy tail of pretty brown colors.

    Then he walked past the barn. The lambs who didn’t have mothers bleated to him. They think I have some milk for them, he thought. He patted their heads and said, “You’ll get fed again at suppertime.”

    Andy walked by the chicken coop. The chickens were busy clucking to each other. I wonder what they’re saying, he thought.

    When he walked down the path through the garden, he picked a piece of rhubarb and bit into it. “Oooh!” He pulled a funny face. “This is too sour.”

    He walked up the steps of the house beyond the garden and knocked on the door.

    “Well, look who’s here!”

    “Hi Grandma Great!” Andy opened the door and gave her a big hug.

    “Didn’t your mother come with you?”

    “No. I’m four years old now, and I walked here all by myself.”

    “You did? You’re such a big boy! I’m very proud of you. Are you ready to spend the day with me making cookies and breadsticks?”

    “Yes! Can I wear an apron too?”

    “You sure can!” Grandma Great helped him put on an apron. It was blue with red and white polka dots.

    “Grandma Great?”

    “What is it, honey?” Grandma asked, putting her arm around Andy.

    “Will you be my grandma forever?”

    “Well, Andy,” Grandma Great answered as she lifted him onto her lap, “do you see that picture of the St. George Temple on the wall?”

    Andy nodded.

    “Grandpa Great and I were married there for time and all eternity. Your mom and dad were married there too. That means that we will all be together forever if we try everyday to be good people and keep Heavenly Father’s commandments.”

    “I’ll try real hard, Grandma, because I love you and want you to always be my grandma.”

    “And I’ll try hard, too, because I love you, Andy.”

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Julie F. Young

    Animal Ways

    A mouse makes a house
    In a clump of grass.
    He scampers inside
    Whenever you pass.
    A polar bear lives
    In a snowy cave,
    Safe from the wind
    And the icy waves.
    A woodpecker finds
    A tree or a pole
    And busily pecks
    A dark, deep hole.
    Ants dig tunnels
    In the ground.
    The dirt makes an anthill
    Tall and round.
    A hollow log
    May be home to a bear,
    A ’possum or skunk,
    A raccoon or hare.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Carol Stevens