Making Friends:

Nicholas Bailey of Portland, Oregon

By Corliss Clayton

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    Nicholas Bailey loves journeys. His first major journey began just after he was born, when the Baileys drove to a social services office to pick him up and take him home. For Nicholas, like his sister, Shannon, and little brother, Chase, was adopted. Shannon (12) remembers grabbing some blankets and papers, then riding to the office. “I even remember what I was wearing,” she said.

    Six years later another journey began. Nicholas and Shannon were part of the decision when their parents were thinking of adopting a third child. “Nicholas would have to share his room, and Shannon would have to take on some additional responsibilities,” said their mom. After the family had all decided that they did want another baby, they filed the proper papers with their lawyer and began the wait. One day the call came: “The baby is here. When can you come?” The next morning the Baileys all flew to another state, where the two-day-old baby was waiting for them. It was a journey none of them would forget. “We have the whole thing on video,” said Nicholas’s father. “It was absolutely great. Getting Chase was one of the most exciting things that our family has ever done.”

    The Baileys have made three other very important trips in their lives—to the temple to have each of their children sealed to them. “It’s wonderful,” said Ellen. “We have the opportunity to raise them. Each of them has added another dimension to our family.”

    Shannon and Nicholas remember the special day that they all went to the Portland Temple and Chase was sealed to their “forever family.” Shannon said, “I remember being in a waiting room. We had to wait for quite a while. Finally we went and got dressed in white. Then they took us in an elevator to the sealing room.” Nicholas remembers the mirrors in the sealing room that made the reflection of his family go on and on and on, just as his family would—eternally.

    Photography by Corliss Clayton

    Nicholas Bailey (8) loves going places. He has lived in Kentucky, Colorado, Utah, and Oregon, and has traveled with his family all over the United States. “He’s the kind of boy you always want to take places with you,” said his dad, Scott. “If he weren’t here, I’d miss the excitement.”

    Shannon, Chase, Scott, and Ellen Bailey, with Nicholas in front. His family has been reading the Book of Mormon together for many years. Nicholas has now read it twice. “I think that he and Shannon have done well in reading because they started out reading the Book of Mormon,” said their mom. “The first thing Nicholas learned to read was ‘It came to pass,’ and he would read that whenever we came to it in the scriptures.”

    Nicholas has several jobs around the house. He makes his bed, takes his turn doing the dishes, cleans the sewing and living rooms, and takes care of his dog, Kuba. He’s a willing worker, but he can’t wait until Chase (2) is old enough to help with the chores.

    Nicholas loves Chase, and Chase thinks wrestling with Nicholas is a delight. “To see him and Chase together, you know that they are brothers,” said their dad.

    If his dad is working on the car, bikes, or any other project, Nicholas is right there wanting to help.