Storm’s A-Coming

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    God said to
    Build boat.
    Storm’s a-coming—
    It’ll float.
    Tell animals
    The big news:
    Gonna go on
    Lengthy cruise.
    Noah took
    Loons, lice,
    Frogs, flies,
    Monkeys, mice,
    Poodles, pigs,
    Worms, whales,
    Crickets, crows,
    Snakes, snails,
    Aardvarks, ants,
    Boars, baboons,
    Oysters, owls,
    Rats, raccoons,
    ’Gators, goats,
    Horses, hogs,
    Eagles, eels,
    Donkeys, dogs,
    Lizards, lambs,
    Cheetahs, chicks,
    Kittens, quails,
    Tigers, ticks,
    Camels, cows,
    Buzzards, bees,
    Rabbits, rams,
    Pheasants, fleas.
    All aboard—
    Pretty tight.
    Many sounds—
    What a sight!
    Lesson’s clear
    For us to hear:
    Noah prayed,
    Then obeyed!

    [illustration] Illustrated by Don Weller