I Don’t Want to Take a Nap!

By Shirley Rawlins

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    Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength (D&C 10:4).

    “But I don’t want to take a nap.

    I don’t,” Melinda said.

    “I want to run and jump and play,

    Not lie here in my bed.

    “I want to go play hide-and-seek

    With Jon and Bill and Sue;

    Or maybe make a picture book

    With scissors, paint, and glue.

    “There are games to play and books to read—

    I can’t lie here all day.

    There is so much I want to do.

    I’m just not tired, I say.

    “I could be soaring on the swing

    Or working with my clay.

    Playing jump rope, jacks, or house

    Would be just great today.

    “There are so many things to do,

    Like playing with my doll.

    There are puzzles, toys, and storybooks.

    I need to do them all!

    “The animals on Grandpa’s farm—

    The horses, cows, and sheep—

    I’d rather go and visit them;

    They’re much more fun than sleep.

    “There are a hundred things to do

    Instead of lie in bed—

    I wish that I could do them all,

    ’Cause I’m not tired,” she said.

    “The sun outside is bright and warm

    For splashing in the pool.

    And if it gets too hot to swim,

    The shade tree’s nice and cool.”

    Melinda yawned and rubbed her eyes,

    Then sat down on her bed.

    She felt worn-out from just the thought

    Of doing all she’d said.

    She smiled at Mom who handed her

    A pillow for her head.

    She closed her eyes and then she fell

    Fast asleep in bed.

    Illustrated by Taia Morley