The heavens declare God’s glory
In the sun, the moon, the stars,
And the zigzagging of lightning,
And the rainbow’s bars,
In the clouds of billowing whiteness,
And the darkness of thunderheads,
In the sparkling ice of snowflakes,
And in sunset reds.
The earth speaks of His wonder,
In millions of fragrant flowers
And the upward springing of all green things
After His silver showers,
In the myriad creatures of perfect form
That live within His care,
Fulfilling their purpose at His will,
Enriching life everywhere.
The oceans declare His power
In the rhythm of running tide,
In the countless grains of golden sands
On beaches far and wide,
In the thundering of rushing surf
That beats at the rocky shore,
In the great depths of ocean space,
In the sound of the ocean’s roar.

[illustration] Illustrated by Maren J. Scott