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August 1993

Love Is Eternal By Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi
Baseball and a Broken Bow By Jonna Forbes
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy, currently serving as President of the South America South Area; by Janet Peterson
Faithful Elizabeth By Jenny Hale Pulsipher
David O. McKay
Lorenzo Snow and the Sacred Vision By Susan Arrington Madsen
Grandfather the Hero By Renee Hawkley

Making Friends:

Robert Van Dam of New Orleans, Louisiana
By Melvin Leavitt
All Things By Solveig Paulson Russell
Funstuf By Juliana Lewis
The Making of a Friend Cover By Julie Young
Kitchen Krafts By Julie Wardell
For Little Friends By Ruth R. Harmon
If a Tiger Can Change His Stripes By Hazel Lamoreaux

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Follow the Prophets
By Judy Edwards
Zucchini Explosion By Susan Cleaver
Real Testimony By Lynette Burke Hale


A Great City Is Built
By Sherrie Johnson