The Gospel of Jesus Christ Can Bring Me Peace

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    All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children (Isa. 54:13; 3 Ne. 22:13).

    Peace within comes to us from the Lord when we study His word and obey it. In the scriptures we can find wonderful examples of prophets and other Old Testament people whose words and lives teach and show us how to obtain this peace. Many of these people lived in troubled times, just as we do, and they turned to their Father in Heaven and His prophets for guidance, just as we should.

    This year we have chosen from the Old Testament and the Pearl of Great Price twelve good examples to help us learn about peace. As you can see, you and your life are also an important part of this year’s poster.


    Peace is a feeling of love and safety and quiet that comes from the Lord.


    Daniel 6:21–23


    I can feel peace when I know that I am a child of God.


    Moses 1:3–4 (Pearl of Great Price)


    I can feel peace when I understand that Heavenly Father has a plan for me.


    Abraham 3:22–26 (Pearl of Great Price)


    I can feel peace when I obey the commandments.


    Genesis 14:26–27, 36 (Joseph Smith Translation)


    I can feel peace when I pray, fast, and give thanks for my blessings.


    Esther 4:15–16; 8:3–4; 9:17


    I can feel peace even when there is trouble around me.


    Genesis 7:1, 23


    I can feel peace when I sing the songs of the gospel.


    Ezra 3:10–11


    I can feel peace when I study the scriptures.


    Joshua 1:1, 7–8


    I can feel peace when I forgive others.


    Genesis 45:1–5, 14–15


    I can help others feel peace by being a peacemaker at home and among my friends.


    Genesis 33:1, 3–4


    I can help others feel peace by sharing my testimony of the gospel with them.


    Isaiah 61:1–3


    I can help others feel peace by loving and serving them as I try to live as Jesus lived.


    Moses 7:18–19 (Pearl of Great Price)

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