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February 1994

Promptings of the Spirit By Elder Richard G. Scott
My Friend Aaron By Alma J. Yates
Friend to Friend From an interview with Janette C. Hales, currently serving as the general president of Young Women; by Janet Peterson.
My New Primary Teacher By Lisa Ray Turner
Funstuf By Nancy Ann Asher

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: I Can Feel Peace as I Become More Like My Heavenly Father
By Judy Edwards
What Are Neighbors For? By Teresa Bateman

Making Friends:

Shonesty L. Johnson of Mobile, Alabama
By Melvin Leavitt
Valentine for Grandpa By Debi Copfer
Kitchen Krafts By Julie Wardell
Rainbow Memory By Sherrie Johnson
For Little Friends By Esther Kindred
Names By DeAnn T. Crowe
Winter to Remember By Janet B. Settimo
Matt and Mandy


Ding Dong!
By Robert J. Duhsé
The Horsehair Rope (Part 2) By J. Barrie Blackburn