Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

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    Amalickiah was wicked leader

    Amalickiah, a wicked man, wanted to be king over the Nephites. Many Nephites left the church to follow him. Alma 46:1, 4–5, 7

    Wanted to be king and destroy the church

    If Amalickiah became king, he would try to destroy the church of God and take away the people’s liberty. Alma 46:9–10

    That made Moroni angry

    When Captain Moroni, the leader of the Nephite armies, heard of Amalickiah’s plan to become king, he was angry. Alma 46:11

    Made a flag from his coate

    Moroni tore his coat to make a flag. On it he wrote, “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.” Alma 46:12

    Called it the title of liberty

    Moroni put the flag on a pole and called it the title of liberty. Then, holding it, and dressed in his armor, he knelt to pray. Alma 46:13

    He asked God to protect those who believed

    He asked God to protect those who believed in Jesus Christ, and prayed for freedom in the land, calling it a land of liberty. Alma 46:16–18

    Moroni traveled among the people

    Then Moroni went among the people. Waving the title of liberty, he called them to come and help protect their freedom. Alma 46:19–20

    People promised to obey God

    People came from all over the land. They promised to obey the commandments of God and to fight for their freedom. Alma 46:21–22, 28

    Amalickiah fled to join Lamanites

    When Amalickiah saw how many Nephites had come to fight for freedom, he was afraid. He and his followers left to join with the Lamanites. Alma 46:29–30

    Moroni stopped most of them

    Moroni took his army to stop them, but Amalickiah and a few of his men escaped. Alma 46:31–33

    Once more there was peace

    Moroni had a title of liberty placed on every tower in Nephite land. The Nephites remained free and began to have peace again. Alma 46:36–37

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson