Pasta Picture Frame

By Cheryl Caesar

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    To make a framed picture, you will need: a ruler; a pencil; scissors; a photograph or a picture cut out of an old magazine; poster board or cardboard; glue; and uncooked pasta (broken spaghetti, elbow macaroni, pasta bows, alphabet pasta, etc.), rice, or lentils.

    1. Cut out a piece of poster board or cardboard 2″ (5 cm) longer and 2″ (5 cm) wider than the photograph or picture you are going to frame.

    2. Glue the photograph in the middle of the poster board, leaving a 1″ (2.5 cm) margin all around it for the frame.

    3. Arrange the pasta, rice, or lentils around the frame, then glue in place and let dry. If you are using alphabet pasta, you could write, “Dad,” your name, a greeting, or any message you like.

    Illustrated by Emily Kawasaki; Photo by Matt Reier